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We will help your business not to lose its customers, and always be in touch with its employees. You will stop receiving negative reviews and raise your company's conversion rate to a new level. There will be no forgotten customers, and no loss of trust in you.

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You will immediately learn about questions from notifications

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Modern solution for all your tasks. Keep all incoming requests at hand. And manage them

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Our product helps you not lose customers and be always up to date.

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With our solution, your projects will function effectively

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acticsim- CRM Software Customer retention

acticsim Recommends you retain customers - why?

Today customer retention is more critical than ever. The free market, privatization and consumer protection laws have created an economic market rich in competing businesses. Therefore,customer retention is a committed action. 

The development team of acticsim Created the perfect CRM software that can be used by any business or company for effective customer retention

The experts of acticsim explain everything you need to know about customer retention and how our technology can improve it

Customer retention, in simple language, is the creation of processes that leave existing customers in the organization and do not leave them to competitors. 

Studies show that customer retention is a profitable process for the organization that creates it!

Studies conducted worldwide in the field of human resources unequivocally state -A organization that is 5 times more profitable (financially) to retain customers than to turn to new customers

It is very important to conduct customer retention processes because recruiting new customers and persuading them to join your organization requires more time, resources and money than investing in existing customer retention..

How can acticsim CRM Software help your business?

Whether your business is small or large, whether you are directly or indirectly engaged in customer service, a CRM system is a necessary system in an organization.

With a CRM system, you are guaranteed that the service you provide to your customers will be professional and high-quality, and thanks to the CRM system, you can be sure that the customers will remain loyal to your organization and that the processes in the organization will be conducted effectively and efficiently.

Your customers – existing and potential – have become “digital” and today connect with many channels in the past.

Using our CRM system to manage customer relationships will bring your business more customers, much more sales, easier business management and efficient and cost-effective marketing that generates new customers

acticsim- CRM Software Customer retention
acticsim- CRM Software Customer retention
acticsim- CRM Software Customer retention

acticsim Customer retention software - the ultimate tool for increasing profits

Satisfied customers are worth a lot of money. Any organization or business, understands that it is not worth being the best if its customers do not feel that way.  In order for an organization to become a leader in its field, it is essential that the management and relationship with customers is also perfect. That is, efficient, fast and serviceable.

Therefore, many organizations have moved on to manage their customer relationships through customer relationship management software / business relationship management software.

 A satisfied customer is worth more money but in order to realize the potential for an increase in profitability, the management level of the business needs to be accordingly.

 acticsim Has developed the leading and most efficient customer management software. Its developers wanted to create high-quality and productive business management software / business management software that meets the needs and goals of the business.

The business management software can be customized, according to the dimensions of the business and the organization, for each employee and everywhere.

 acticsim Offers you the most advanced technology that will save you a lot of time and money

 Let our software do the work for you, make your customers happy and significantly increase your revenue

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